Governing the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Introduction to Special Issue

  02 April 2020

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest public health crises of our time. The natural biological process that causes microbes to become resistant to antimicrobial drugs presents a complex social challenge requiring more effective and sustainable management of the global antimicrobial commons—the common pool of effective antimicrobials. This special issue of Health Care Analysis explores the potential of two legal approaches—one long-term and one short-term—for managing the antimicrobial commons. The first article explores the lessons for antimicrobial resistance that can be learned from recent climate change agreements, and the second article explores how existing international laws can be adapted to better support global action in the short-term.


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Author(s): Steven J. Hoffman, Julian Savulescu, Alberto Giubilini, Claas Kirchhelle, Susan Rogers Van Katwyk, Isaac Weldon, Brooke Campus, Mark Harrison, Hannah Maslen & Angela McLean
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