Global antimicrobial resistance: a system-wide comprehensive investigation using the Global One Health Index

  25 August 2022

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the top ten global public health challenges. However, given the lack of a comprehensive assessment of worldwide AMR status, our objective is to develop a One Health-based system-wide evaluation tool on global AMR.

We have further developed the three-hierarchical Global One Health Index (GOHI)-AMR indicator scheme, which consists of five key indicators, 17 indicators, and 49 sub-indicators, by incorporating 146 countries’ data from diverse authoritative databases, including WHO’s Global Antimicrobial Resistance and Use Surveillance System (GLASS) and the European CDC. We investigated the overall- or sub-rankings of GOHI-AMR at the international/regional/national levels for data preprocessing and score calculation utilizing the existing GOHI methodology. Additionally, a correlation analysis was conducted between the GOHI-AMR and other socioeconomic factors.

GOHI-AMR is the most comprehensive tool currently available for the assessment of AMR status worldwide. We discovered unique features impacting AMR in each country and offered precise recommendations to improve the capacity to tackle AMR in low-ranking countries.

Author(s): Nan Zhou, Zile Cheng, Xiaoxi Zhang, Chao Lv, Chaoyi Guo, Haodong Liu, Ke Dong, Yan Zhang, Chang Liu, Yunfu Chang, Sheng Chen, Xiaokui Guo, Xiao-Nong Zhou, Min Li & Yongzhang Zhu
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