Gaps in data collection for sex and gender must be addressed in point prevalence surveys on antibiotic use

  28 March 2023

Sex and gender are important factors that impact antimicrobial resistance. These variables should be included in PPS methodologies for antibiotic use studies in hospitals to help us understand the pre-hospital risks. Even the AMR global consultancy report published this year, missed an opportunity to discuss relevant sex and gender impacts on AMR and is not in alignment with other WHO guidance on sex and gender equity for health in general and AMR (World Health Organization, 2018; World Health Organization, 2022). Given WHO’s priority to equitably address AMR, all antibiotic PPS survey instruments should be updated to include these data in the PPS methodology, ensuring that sex and gender are collected and recorded in medical records.

Further reading: Frontiers in Antibiotics
Author(s): Lynn Lieberman Lawry et al
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