Future Leaders Against AMR programme receives funding from PAR Foundation

  13 October 2021

Anna Govett has been granted funding from PAR Foundation to be able to work full-time with organizing the Future Leaders Against AMR program. PAR Foundation is also looking into the option of further grant-making targeted at junior professionals.

The programme content will be a mix of guest lectures and workshops held by professionals from all sectors – public, private, academia and non-profit. The participants will also carry out group projects that leverage the different locations and backgrounds of the participants, investigating things like cultural adaptation of AMR communication or the effectiveness of different ways to engage elected representatives on AMR in their respective countries.

The Future Leaders Against AMR programme will open for applications in November 2021. The programme will accept somewhere in the range of 15-30 participants that should be prepared to dedicate at least seven hours a week during ten weeks in January-March 2022. Read more at futureleadersagainstamr.org

Further reading: PAR Foundation
Author(s): PAR Foundation
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