First Global Technical Partnership Meeting on Antimicrobial Stewardship

24/02/2020 - 26/02/2020
Bangkok (Thailand)

The overuse and misuse of antimicrobials is the main driver for the development of antimicrobial resistance. Antimicrobial stewardship has emerged as a critical tool to optimize the antimicrobial use and supports objective 4 of the Global Action Plan on AMR.

In response to the Member States requests for guidance on antimicrobial stewardship in health-care facilities, WHO has developed a WHO practical toolkit for Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes in Health-care Facilities in Low-and Middle-Income countries.

The toolkit is to support the implementation of integrated antimicrobial stewardship programmes in health-care facilities linked with infection prevention and control, access to quality-assured antibiotics, appropriate antimicrobial use, surveillance and provide guidance on monitoring.

To accelerate the implementation of the AMS toolkit and turn policies into action at a country level, WHO in collaboration with the Government of Thailand is organizing a 3-day international AMS technical partners meeting, to bring together country representatives, global experts, organizations and funders to establish a global AMS network to support country implementation on AMS.



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