Evaluation of knowledge about antibiotics and engagement with a research experience on antimicrobial resistance between pre-university and university students for five school years (2017–2021)

  25 August 2022

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) remains a serious global health problem. Spain is the fifth country in Europe with the highest consumption of antibiotics, due in part to ignorance of the good use of these drugs and the problem of AMR. To avoid a post-antibiotic era, adequate training on this problem is key to create social awareness. This study aimed to evaluate the impact that the SWICEU project, an academic program about antibiotic discovery, has had on the knowledge of AMR and rational use of antimicrobials in pre-university students from seven schools in the province of Valencia during five academic years (2017–2021), as well as to evaluate the level of satisfaction of university and pre-university students who have participated in the project. For this study, a survey was carried out with multiple-choice questions with a single correct answer to evaluate the knowledge acquired by pre-university students before and after the project. A satisfaction survey was also designed with a Likert scale from the lowest to the highest level of satisfaction for the two groups of students after the project. Data on knowledge surveys indicated an increase in the mean number of correct answers after the sessions. In satisfaction surveys, we highlighted the issue that referred to the project’s recommendation. The data obtained confirm this project as a valuable activity, as it allows learning about AMR and the rational use of antibiotics in a pleasing and attractive way for young pre-university and university students.

Further reading: Frontiers in Microbiology
Author(s): Antonio Tarin-Pello et al
Engaged Students  


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