European Health Parliament to address AMR

Make Health Great Again. This is the leading principle of the European Health Parliament (EHP), a platform of 55 young professionals/students that aim at shaping the future of healthcare in Europe. Over the course of 6 months (until April 2018), participants are tasked with writing policy recommendations for policy makers (including the European Parliament and the European Commission) and developing political solutions around specific topics, including anti-microbial resistance (AMR).

The AMR committee brings together nine young professionals and two College of Europe students, all working in the health sector and/or having a keen interest in this sector: from physicians and researchers to policy officers and public affairs professionals in pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. Such a diverse pool of experiences is a key added value to maintain a “One Health” approach for AMR, and to identify those challenges for which tailored recommendations are most urgent and valuable.

The AMR committee aspires for its recommendations to be as concrete and useful as possible. For this purpose, it has identified the following crucial areas for action:

  1. Awareness raising, education, appropriate use of antimicrobials
  2. Prevention, including vaccination
  3. The environmental dimension of AMR
  4. Incentives and new business models for R&D in new antibiotics, vaccines, alternatives to antibiotics and rapid diagnostics.

Given the complex issue, the AMR Committee is definitely open to input and feedback. Do not hesitate to send comments and your views regarding how to tackle AMR… and stay tuned!

Twitter: #makehealthgreatagain @healthparl / Facebook: @healthparliament


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