Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance Reporting (GLASS-EAR) webpage is now live

The WHO is delighted to inform you that the Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance Reporting (GLASS-EAR) webpage is now live at http://www.who.int/glass/ear/en/.

On the webpage you will find the link to the GLASS-EAR module on the GLASS IT platform (already available to the GLASS national Focal Points) and several documents including the GLASS-EAR framework, a manual describing how to access and use the GLASS-EAR IT module, and the 1st GLASS-EAR simulation exercise report.

The GLASS-EAR component was developed at the request of Member States to support detection, early warning and risk assessment capacities of national antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance programmes. GLASS-EAR provides an IT module which is embedded in the GLASS IT platform and provides a space where experts can share information regarding emerging antimicrobial resistance events (as defined in the EAR framework ) to assess their importance, facilitate early information sharing, and stimulate epidemiological and microbiological discussion for coordinated actions. Launched in 2018, the EAR IT module is open to those in charge of national AMR surveillance systems and constituencies that might discover new types of AMR in bacteria and fungi with potential relevance to public health. The GLASS-EAR community is constituted by all Member States, regardless their GLASS enrolment status, WHO Collaborating Centres, AMR surveillance networks and research institutions producing quality AMR data, and WHO IHR focal points.

This is work in progress and we would appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions for further development of GLASS-EAR. Needless to say, we encourage you to start using the tool and help us to disseminate it.

Source: WHO GLASS Team

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