Efforts to Identify and Combat Antimicrobial Resistance in Uganda: A Systematic Review

  25 May 2021

The global burden of antimicrobial resistance is on the rise, resulting in higher morbidity and mortality in our communities. The spread of antimicrobial resistance in the environment and development of resistant microbes is a challenge to the control of antimicrobial resistance. Approaches, such as antimicrobial stewardship programmes and enhanced surveillance, have been devised to curb its spread. However, particularly in lower- and middle-income countries, the overall extent of antimicrobial resistance and knowledge on ongoing surveillance, stewardship or investigation efforts, are often poorly understood. This study aimed to look at the efforts that have been undertaken to
detect and combat antimicrobial resistance in Uganda as a means of establishing an overview of the situation, to help inform future decisions.

Author(s): Mark Tefero Kivumbi and Claire J. Standley
Effective Surveillance  


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