“Despite Industry AMR Declaration commitments Sanofi quits R&D on anti-infectives”

“Sanofi announced last week that they are shedding off their anti-infectives Research & Development unit. This is surprising as Sanofi was a leading partner of the AMR Industry Alliance and raises questions on the level of commitments made. With big pharmaceutical companies outsourcing Research & Development, it sparks the need to ensure that incentives models target the actors actually involved in Research & Development.

Last week the news came that the definitive agreement between Sanofi and Evotec has been signed. The deal between Sanofi and the German biotech company Evotec was first communicated in March this year, and after required legal procedures the deal has now been sealed. Sanofi will license more than 10 anti-infectives to Evotec and transfer its infectious diseases Research & Development (R&D) unit. Evotec will take on around 100 staff members and receives a one-time, upfront payment of 60 million euros from Sanofi. The deal does not include Sanofi’s vaccine portfolio or its vaccine R&D unit.”

Source: ReAct


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