Course on antibiotics and alternatives inspiring meeting!

What is more inspiring than sharing information about antibiotics and alternative treatments with 14 people? On 30 November the module ‘Antibiotics and alternatives’ took place which AMR Insights organized for professionals in Health, Nutrition and the Environment. A dynamic and interactive meeting with excellent presentations about:

  • what are antibiotics?
  • how do you deal with limiting antibiotics in pig farming (clarifying presentation of MSD)
  • what is the significance of phage therapy and of endolysins and what are its advantages compared to antibiotics (strong contribution from Micreos)
  • how can you guide your microbiome with the right ingredients in food and feed? (current knowledge at TNO)
  • how do you measure antibiotics in foods and other environments (one of the spearheads of the Ducares company)

With the attendees of FrieslandCampina, TNO, Micreos, MSD, RIKILT, Eventys, Animal Health Service, IFMSA, PA Europe (Brussels) and others. we were able to reach the essence of the parties: how to work together to utilize and integrate the technological possibilities. A very special afternoon on a rainy Thursday in November.

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