Focus on Prescription

Focus on Prescription aims to improve the antibiotics prescription behaviour of medical doctors. The gamified program consists of 3 consecutive, partly simultaneous steps:
1. Survey tool ‘Are you AMR aware’
2. Serious game ‘Prescription Challenge’
3. ‘Online, diagnostic tool’

Step 1: ‘Are you AMR aware’

The online survey tool ‘Are you AMR aware’ generates a thorough understanding of the knowledge level on AMR amongst health professionals: the ‘baseline measurement’ with respect to antibiotics and Antimicrobial resistance.
You can take the survey here

Step 2 ‘Prescription Challenge’

The online ‘Prescription Challenge’ lets the player treat a fictive patient:

  1. Patients narrative and diagnosis
  2. Optional microbial lab testing
  3. Optional antibiotic prescription
  4. Advising the patient

The player receives feedback afterwards.

Step 3 ‘Online, diagnostic tool’

As a third step we plan to develop a mobile phone based ‘Online, diagnostic tool’ that makes it possible for any prescribing doctor, anywhere in the world, to arrive at the optimal treatment for any infectious disease in any setting.

What is going on with AMR?
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