Combat AMR with rapid diagnostics

Roche and 12 other companies are developing a new roadmap that should contribute to a sustainable solution to the resistance problem. Rapid and reliable diagnostics of microorganisms play an important role: the correct diagnosis prevents the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Studies show that now about 50% of the antibiotics are used unnecessarily. For example, antibiotics are prescribed twice as often in the US as in some European countries. With the right point-of-care tests doctors can, without the delaying intervention of central laboratories, make a quick and accurate diagnosis. Several point-of-care tests have come on the market in recent years. Use is made of the fast PCR technology that produces results within 15-20 minutes. The combination of PCR and point-of-care diagnostics can also be used to identify specific flu viruses. This helps doctors to decide to prescribe the appropriate anti-viral drugs. Hospital bacteria can also be identified with the tests. However important the new generations of tests are, they are only part of the solution.

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