BEAM Alliance strengthens SME research into new AMR products!

The BEAM Alliance (Biotech companies in Europe combining AntiMicrobial Resistance; 2015) is an international network of around 40 SME biopharma companies that develop innovative products to combat antibiotic-resistant pathogens. The BEAM Alliance reinforces innovation in AMR research by, among other things:

  • give its members a say in the development of new European AMR policy
  • cooperating with EU and other organizations that reduce AMR
  • proposing new, bold incentives to stimulate innovation

In the last 2 years, the BEAM Alliance has developed into the contact point for European biopharma SME companies with innovative products to combat AMR.

More information about BEAM can be found here. In November, the BEAM Alliance, in a special Position Paper, asked worldwide attention for the enormous importance of SME-driven innovation for filling the pipeline again with new and promising anti-microbial products.

In the Netherlands, Karveel Pharmaceuticals and Madam Therapeutics are a member of the BEAM Alliance.

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