Appropriateness of antibiotic prescriptions in ambulatory care in China: a nationwide descriptive database study

  28 January 2021

Inappropriate antibiotic use greatly accelerates antimicrobial resistance. The appropriateness of antibiotic prescriptions is well evaluated, using big observational data, in some high-income countries, whereas the evidence of this appropriateness is scarce in China. We aimed to assess the appropriateness of antibiotic prescriptions in ambulatory care settings in China to inform future antimicrobial stewardship.

Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing was highly prevalent nationwide in China. Over half of the antibiotic prescriptions were inappropriate in secondary-level and tertiary-level hospitals, suggesting an urgent need for outpatient antibiotic stewardship aimed at optimising antibiotic prescribing to achieve the goals set in China’s 2016 national action plan to contain antimicrobial resistance.

Author(s): Houyu Zhao, Li Wei, Hui Li, Mei Zhang, Bin Cao, Jiaming Bian, Siyan Zhan
Effective Surveillance  


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