27 August 2020

This report covers bacteria causing animal infections and the
antimicrobials used to treat those infections. Existing and
emerging resistance of viruses and fungi is not included, nor is
drug resistance among parasites; these are beyond the scope of
this report. The report consists of summaries of cross-cutting and
bacteria-specific antimicrobial resistance topics.

The first section of the report provides context and an overview
of the impact of antimicrobial resistance on animal health in
the United States. We describe what can be done to combat
this growing threat, including information on current AVMA
antimicrobial stewardship resources.

In the second section of the report, AVMA provides host-species
specific summaries of pathogens of concern. These one-pagers
are designed for printing and posting in high-flow areas to raise
the awareness of resistance among veterinarians and
other personnel.

In the third section of the report, AVMA provides “report cards”
for each pathogen of concern. These are organized by host
species and, in some sections, the host species are divided up
by production type to better describe the health threats of
different pathogens within the species. These summaries can
aid in discussions about bacteria, how to manage infections, and
implications for animal health and veterinary management.

The final section of the report is the technical appendix. This
provides more detailed and specific research data to support the
report cards, as well as key references identified by our technical

Further reading: AVMA
Author(s): AVMA/Committee on Antimicrobials
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