Antimicrobial resistance profiles of bacterial isolates from clinical specimens referred to Ethiopian Public Health Institute: analysis of 5-year data

  18 November 2023

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the common global public health problems. The emergence of antimicrobial resistance is multifactorial, and tackling its development is challenging. Consequently, infections caused by resistant bacteria are unresponsive to conventional drugs, resulting in prolonged and severe illnesses, higher mortality rates, and considerable healthcare costs. Therefore, understanding the antimicrobial resistance profiles of bacterial pathogens is essential to optimize treatments and reduce the risks associated with infections. This study aimed to determine the antimicrobial resistance patterns of bacterial isolates from different clinical specimens at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI).

The multidrug resistance rates found in this study were alarming. Strengthening antimicrobial resistance surveillance at the national level is mandatory, and antimicrobial sensitivity testing should be accessible at local diagnostic centers.

Further reading: BMC Infectious Diseases
Author(s): Belay Tafa Regassa et al
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