Antimicrobial resistance pattern in domestic animal – wildlife – environmental niche via the food chain to humans with a Bangladesh perspective; a systematic review

  30 August 2020

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing concern globally, but the impact is very deleterious in the context of Bangladesh. Recent review article on the AMR issue demonstrates the scenario in human medicine; unfortunately, no attempt was taken to address this as One Health issue. The antimicrobial resistance bacteria or genes are circulating in the fragile ecosystems and disseminate into human food chain through direct or indirect ways. In this systematic review we are exploring the mechanism or the process of development of resistance pathogen into human food chain via the domestic animal, wildlife and environmental sources in the context of One Health and future recommendation to mitigate this issue in Bangladesh.

Further reading: BMC Veterinary Research
Author(s): Shahneaz Ali Khan, Mohammed Ashif Imtiaz, Md. Abu Sayeed, Amir Hossan Shaikat & Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan
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