Antimicrobial Resistance in the Global Health Network: Known Unknowns and Challenges for Efficient Responses in the 21st Century

  26 April 2023

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the Global Health challenges of the 21st century. The inclusion of AMR on the global map parallels the scientific, technological, and organizational progress of the healthcare system and the socioeconomic changes of the last 100 years. Available knowledge about AMR has mostly come from large healthcare institutions in high-income countries and is scattered in studies across various fields, focused on patient safety (infectious diseases), transmission pathways and pathogen reservoirs (molecular epidemiology), the extent of the problem at a population level (public health), their management and cost (health economics), cultural issues (community psychology), and events associated with historical periods (history of science). However, there is little dialogue between the aspects that facilitate the development, spread, and evolution of AMR and various stakeholders (patients, clinicians, public health professionals, scientists, economic sectors, and funding agencies).

Further reading: Microorganisms
Author(s): Teresa M. Coque et al
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