Antimicrobial Resistance in Perspective: Using New Technology to Help Identify Resistant Fungal Pathogens

  01 September 2023

Antimicrobial resistance is a major concern in medical mycology where antifungal resistance is being seen in both yeasts (Candida species) and molds (Aspergillus and Trichophyton species). This is due to a combination of factors, such as increased use of broad-spectrum antifungals in hospitalized patients, overuse of topical antifungal ointments/creams, and environmental exposure to antifungals due to agricultural practices. This article focuses on the diagnostic and treatment options available for emerging antimicrobial-resistant fungal pathogens, namely antifungal-resistant Candida species, including Candida auris, azole-resistant Aspergillus species, and antimicrobial-resistant dermatophytes.

Candida species are a particularly concerning antimicrobial-resistance threat. The CDC lists antifungal-resistant Candida species as a serious threat and antifungal-resistant C. auris as an urgent threat.

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Author(s): John E. Markantonis
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