Antimicrobial resistance and the great divide: inequity in priorities and agendas between the Global North and the Global South threatens global mitigation of antimicrobial resistance

  24 January 2024

To limit the catastrophic effects of the increasing bacterial resistance to antimicrobials on health, food, environmental, and geopolitical security, and ensure that no country or region is left behind, a coordinated global approach is required. In this Viewpoint, we argue that the diverging resource availabilities, needs, and priorities of the Global North and the Global South in terms of the actions required to mitigate the antimicrobial resistance pandemic are a direct threat to success. We argue that evidence suggests a need to prioritise and support infection prevention interventions (ie, clean water and safe sanitation, increased vaccine coverage, and enhanced infection prevention measures for food production in the Global South contrary to the focus on research and development of new antibiotics in the Global North) and to recalibrate global funding resources to address this need. We call on global leaders to redress the current response, which threatens mitigation of the antimicrobial resistance pandemic.


Further reading: The Lancet Global Health
Author(s): Prof Marc Mendelson PhD et al
Effective Surveillance  


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