Antimicrobial resistance and population genomics of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli in pig farms in mainland China

  04 March 2022

The expanding use of antimicrobials in livestock is an important contributor to the worldwide rapid increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR). However, large-scale studies on AMR in livestock remain scarce. Here, we report findings from surveillance of E. coli AMR in pig farms in China in 2018–2019. We isolated E. coli in 1,871 samples from pigs and their breeding environments, and found AMR in E. coli in all provinces in mainland China. We detected multidrug-resistance in 91% isolates and found resistance to last-resort drugs including colistin, carbapenems and tigecycline. 

Further reading: Nature Communications
Author(s): Zhong Peng, Zizhe Hu, Zugang Li, Xiaoxue Zhang, Chaoying Jia, Tianzhi Li, Menghong Dai, Chen Tan, Zhuofei Xu, Bin Wu, Huanchun Chen & Xiangru Wang
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