“Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) – Superbug: Time for ASEAN Collective Action”

“The mutation of microorganisms has reached the point of no return. This is an opportune time for ASEAN to lead the world in the fight against antimicrobial resistance before it is too late.

ASEAN’S 50th anniversary is an opportune time for the grouping to pursue regional initiatives for public goods. The economic integration of ASEAN and the increased policy attention to inclusive growth of ASEAN should be accompanied by stronger actions for the broader well-being of the ASEAN population and the community at large.

One of these issues is the emerging danger of infections arising from mutated bacteria or Superbug. The United Nations, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Davos World Economic Forum have constantly – but especially over the latest two years – alerted the global community to this. Due to the poor antibiotic stewardship in the last few decades, most countries are now way behind the mutation curve in combating the Superbug in the development of new drugs.”

Source: RSIS

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