“Antibiotics Currently in Global Clinical Development”

“As of September 2017, an estimated 48 new antibiotics1 with the potential to treat serious bacterial infections are in clinical development. The success rate for clinical drug development is low; historical data show that, generally, only 1 in 5 infectious disease products that enter human testing (phase 1 clinical trials) will be approved for patients.* Below is a snapshot of the current antibiotic pipeline, based on publicly available information and informed by external experts. It will be updated periodically, as products advance or are known to drop out of development. Because this list is updated periodically, footnote numbers may not be sequential. In September 2017, the antibiotics pipeline was expanded to include products in development globally.

Please contact abxpipeline@pewtrusts.org with additions or updates.”

Source: The PEW Charitable Trusts


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