Antibiotic use in farm animals ‘threatens human health’

  14 December 2020

“Farmers need to dramatically cut the amount of antibiotics used in agriculture, because of the threat to human health, a report says,” according to BBC News.

The concern is agricultural antibiotic use is driving up levels of antibiotic resistance, leading to new “superbugs”.

The report looked at resistance to antimicrobial drugs, which includes antibiotics as well as antifungal and antiparasitical drugs. Resistance to these drugs is collectively known as antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The report is focused on antibiotic use across the globe. Its results should not be taken as being applicable to the UK as this country has stricter regulations than most other countries.

The report is part of an ongoing review of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) commissioned by the British Prime Minister. This review aims to provide a set of recommendations on how to address AMR globally. 


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Author(s): NHS
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