Antibiotic resistance: Global health crisis and metagenomics

  20 March 2021

Antibiotic resistance is a global problem which affects human health. The imprudent use of antibiotics (medicine, agriculture, aquaculture, and food industry) has resulted in the broader dissemination of resistance. Urban wastewater & sewage treatment plants act as the hotspot for the widespread of antimicrobial resistance. Natural environment also plays an important role in the dissemination of resistance. Mapping of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGS) in environment is essential for mitigating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) widespread. Therefore, the review article emphasizes on the application of metagenomics for the surveillance of antimicrobial resistance. Metagenomics is the next generation tool which is being used for cataloging the resistome of diverse environments. We summarize the different metagenomic tools that can be used for mining of ARGs and acquired AMR present in the metagenomic data. Also, we recommend application of targeted sequencing/ capture platform for mapping of resistome with higher specificity and selectivity

Further reading: Biotechnology Reports
Author(s): Shailendra Yadav, Atya Kapley
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