Antibiotic Resistance Could Cause the Next Pandemic. Here’s How the Biden Administration Can Tackle It

  15 January 2021

As Joe Biden enters the White House this month, his most urgent priority is getting a grip on COVID-19, starting with  a campaign built around 100 (million) shots in 100 days. But a national security priority for the next few years will be preventing the next pandemic, and a vital part of that should be leading a global effort to protect one of our most important infection-fighting tools: antibiotics.

There are a number of potential sources for future pandemics. Perhaps a bioterror research effort that somehow slips past all four of the staff members worldwide supporting implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention. Or another virus—perhaps a new strain of Nipah or a coronavirus—might make its way from animals to humans. But a considerable and growing threat comes from a mutated strain of bacteria invulnerable to antibiotics like penicillin or tetracycline.

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Author(s): Charles Kenny
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