“Antibacterial properties of Latarcin 1 derived cell-penetrating peptides”

Our war against bacteria is raging, and lately, antibiotics are doing little to help.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) fears that very few antibiotics will serve as an army against pathogenic bacteria in the future, as drug resistant bacteria have emerged. Now, scientists all over the world are now looking for efficient alternatives to antibiotics, and think that the antimicrobial peptides could be one.

The venom of a tiny, web-weaving spider, Lachesana tarabaevi is one of the sources for these peptides. In a new study, researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, have found that peptides derived from this spider’s venom is effective against Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria that causes skin infections, and is resistant to many common antibiotics.

Source: Researchmatters

Original publication: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science

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