Animal farming to blame for antibiotic Apocalypse

  02 December 2020

 India is the fourth-largest consumer of antibiotics in animal farming, according to a report by the Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy. With a huge unregulated livestock sector, India’s antibiotic use in animals is estimated to increase by 82 per cent by 2030. With a rapid growth and demand for dairy, meat and poultry, the Indian livestock industry continues to turn towards antimicrobial agents for increased production. Studies published in the Veterinary World have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in cow and buffalo milk samples taken from across India. Additionally, shrimp exports from India (which is the second-largest fish producing country globally) are banned in four countries, and the European Union continues to hold its concern over the use of antibiotics in Indian shrimps.

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Author(s): Varda Mehrotra
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