AMR Symposium postscript report

  12 January 2023

In October 2022, the Health and Life Sciences team co-hosted a Symposium on AMR with the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Danish Health Authority. With over 130 international participants and 19 expert speakers, the Symposium facilitated knowledge-sharing and a discussion on the challenge of AMR in an aim to identify actionable practices to solve the challenge from a One Health perspective.

The Symposium brought a number of insightful perspectives on AMR to the table in uncovering the human, environmental, societal, regulatory, veterinarian and economic side of health. These insights have now been gathered in our postscript report “Current Status on AMR from a One Health Perspective”. The report underlines a strong need for action and experts recommend continuous development of preventive measures, joint policy development and implementation targets, expanded research collaboration, and stewardship practices. It is crucial to improve clinical and diagnostic measures to inform treatment while market stimulation is needed to incentivise investments and AMR diplomacy.

Download the report here

Author(s): Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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