AMR Awareness in Developing Nations

  03 November 2019

AMR (antimicrobial resistance) has become an urgent global health  concern of recent times . The crisis is taking its toll over mankind throughout the globe may it be developed or developing part of the world. The healthcare professionals and related organisations throughout the world are in consensus and have agreed that AMR  is one of the top 10 global health crises (as declared by WHO) which if ignored will slowly take the world backward to the era where even day to day infections were fatal and untreatable.

But the question arises that though the buzz is too loud in developed part of the world , what about the developing and underdeveloped nations? To what extent in these nations the  general public is actually aware about the impact of surging problem of AMR ? And if yes, to what extent do they know that even slight ignorance in their day-to-day health practices adds on to this soaring problem?

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Author(s): Anupam Kaushik
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