Africa CDC Capacity Building and Workforce Development for Civil Society Organizations on Antimicrobial Resistance

20/02/2020 - 21/02/2020

From 20-21 February 2020, Africa CDC will convene CSOs working in human, animal, and environmental sectors, including those with substantial experience advocating for health-related policy changes.

The overall objectives of the training workshop will be to:

  1. Provide training on the basics of AMR; infection, prevention and control; one health; and communication and advocacy
  2. Highlight key regional and global developments and initiatives on AMR, including the latest developments regarding the African Union’s work on AMR and activties of the tripartite organizations
  3. Discuss measures to increase public awareness of the AMR issue and the role of civil society and educational and information-related bodies.
  4. Develop proposals for further action at the national, regional and global levels (actions by governments, CSOs, UN agencies etc.).

The workshop will engage about 40 participants; CSOs from Member States; Africa CDC representatives; ReAct Africa representatives; Africa CDC RCCs; AMR focal persons; and technical partner organizations.

Africa CDC will host a workshop for capacity building and workforce development Civil Society Organizations on Antimicrobial Resistance, 20-21 February 2020, in Nairobi Kenya.



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