Advisory Group for the Independent Panel on Evidence for Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance

  25 May 2020

An Advisory Group has been established to assist in developing the terms of reference of the Independent Panel on Evidence for Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance in line with the recommendations of the IACG and the Report of the UN Secretary-General on the implementation of the 2016 Political Declaration.

The Advisory Group will have the following specific functions:

  • Critically appraise operating models presented in the background document as well as other relevant models and structures it can identify that serve the broader objective of the Panel.
  • Suggest the most suitable operating model, needed expertise, data, scientific information and assessment of evidence of Antimicrobial Resistance that are required to achieve the purpose and functions of the Panel.
  • Supported by the Tripartite Joint Secretariat, draft the terms of reference for the Panel to provide clarity on the purpose, operating model, key functions and key performance indicators.

Membership to the Advisory Group to develop the TOR will not preclude consideration for membership to the Evidence Panel.

Further reading: WHO
Author(s): WHO
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