Advancing Data Technologies to Corner AMR (ADTCA) 2024

20/06/2024 - 21/06/2024
01:30 PM - 05:30 PM CET
AMR Insights

ADTCA 2024 is an online, International Matchmaking Symposium by AMR Insights

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of (Diagnostic) Things and Blockchain have the potential to reverse the tide in the global fight against against Antimicrobial resistance. Data Technologies are no longer a supporting tool but a vital factor in curbing Antimicrobial resistance.

‘Advancing Data Technologies to Corner AMR’ (ADCTA 2024) unlocks the potential of data technologies such as AI, IOT and Blockchain in fighting AMR!

ADTCA 2024 will take place on 20 and 21 June, 2024 (two half days). 

Read our publication ‘Applying data technologies to combat AMR: current status, challenges, and opportunities on the way forward’



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