Registration open: 2 options!

Event registration is open and provides:

  • Participation to the full, two half days, online Symposium
  • Inclusion in the searchable Technology Database
  • Own Technology Page
  • Enrollment in the Matchmaking Program

OPTION 1: Registration for ADTCA 2023 only

The cost of participating in ADTCA 2023 is € 95 (+VAT if applicable). Representatives Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) are eligible for a € 50 discount. Ask for the coupon code:

UK participants have free access to ADCTA 2023. Ask for the coupon code:  

OPTION 2: Become a Silver Partner and enjoy free access to ADTCA 2023

As of 2022 participation in the AMR Insights matchmaking symposia, masterclass and other events is possible for individuals on the basis of a new subscription system. For more details of the subscription system see the overview as well as the detailed information.

Individuals are invited to become a Silver Partner of AMR Insights. As such they can attend all AMR Insights events (ADTCA, EADA and Masterclass) at no costs. In addition, they can have their very own, online Technology Page created in the searchable, globally accessible database. Also they can participate in the organized matchmaking programs during ADTCA and EADA at no additional cost.

The fixed low cost is 25 euros per month for High Income Countries and only 5 euros per month for Low and Middle Income Countries. 

Corporates can enter into attractive Gold and Platinum Partners which allow to present at the different events. For more information on partnering see the overview as well as the detailed information.

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