ADTCA 2022 is enabled by our Partners:


Evotec provides a comprehensive suite of integrated capabilities for drug discovery and development to solve problems, create inventive step and deliver success as quickly as possible for our partners through highest quality science, knowledge, technology and operational excellence.


Molzym is committed to the development of innovative solutions to serve biological research and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Its developmental efforts are focused on new processes enabling and facilitating the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by bacteria and fungi an environment where the brightest minds can explore new ideas and find the practical resources to create products and services rooted in innovation.

Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition (ARFC)

The Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition aspires to change behaviors across the globe that will maintain the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations by increasing awareness of antimicrobial resistance via education, training, and partnerships.


NYtor designs and (co-)develops smart, molecular assays for detecting antibiotic resistance in human and veterinary diagnostics. Design and co-development take place in close collaboration with customers, selected suppliers and global partners. NYtor also produces its prototype assays.

JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research

JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research was founded in the year 2008 on the principles of pursuing and nurturing research oriented higher education for the benefit of the society we serve. JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research is made up of 6 faculty Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Bio-medical Sciences , Faculty of Life Sciences , Faculty of Health System Management Studies.

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