Acquisition and carriage of genetically diverse multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacilli in hospitalised newborns in The Gambia

  11 June 2023

This detailed genomic study characterised multi-drug resistant-Gram negative bacilli (MDR-GNB) carriage in neonates < 2 kg and paired mothers at a low-resource African hospital.

This cross-sectional cohort study was conducted at the neonatal referral unit in The Gambia with weekly neonatal skin and peri-anal sampling and paired maternal recto-vaginal swabs. Prospective bacteriological culture used MacConkey agar with species identification by API20E and API20NE. All GNB isolates underwent whole genome sequencing on Illumina Miseq platform. Multi-Locus Sequence Typing and SNP-distance analysis identified strain type and relatedness.

Gambian hospitalised neonates exhibit high MDR and ESBL-GNB carriage prevalence with acquisition between birth and 7d with limited evidence supporting mother to neonate transmission. Genomic studies in similar settings are required to further understand transmission and inform targeted surveillance and infection prevention policies.

Author(s): Saikou Y. Bah et al
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