A Novel Incentive Model for Uptake of Diagnostics to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance

  22 May 2023

In this report, we propose a novel payment model that will incentivise broader value demonstration for diagnostics for antibiotics that could inform longer-term financing and reimbursement arrangements and guide prescribing behaviours. 

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global issue that threatens our ability to treat common infections and has large economic implications. Stewardship activities are needed to preserve antibiotics and reduce the rate of resistance. Diagnostics can support antibiotic stewardship by informing clinical decisions and reducing inappropriate antibiotic prescribing.

However, there is a range of challenges that limit their adoption at levels needed to support antibiotic stewardship. These include poor incentives for high-value diagnostic innovation, low willingness to pay for AMR diagnostics from local budget holders, lack of awareness, and low evidence of value at point of adoption.

Further reading: OHE
Author(s): Isobe Firth et al
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