2 patients resistant to 11 kinds of antibiotics reach  Kakatiya Medical College in a fortnight

  10 March 2022

Doctors at the Kakatiya Medical College are alarmed over a strange development in the last fortnight wherein two patients were found to be resistant to 11 kinds of major antibiotics, raising concerns of the rising Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) building in the community. The two patients had reached the pulmonology department of the hospital with lung issues, and tests revealed that they are resistant to major antibiotics. 

“One patient, a 50-year-old male, was earlier suffering from high fever and was prescribed high levels of antibiotics by an RMP. There was no respite and eventually it transformed into chest pain following which he came to us. We diagnosed him to be having pleural effusion and removed the fluid in his chest using needles,” explained Dr Naresh M, Assistant Professor, Pulmonology Department, KMC.

This fluid was then sent for culture where it was found that a bacteria — Acinetobacter — was present which was resistant to 11 kinds of antibiotic medicine. In another case, a female patient reached the hospital with pneumonia in the last fortnight and upon culture tests, was found to be resistant to the antibiotics.

Further reading: The New Indian Express
Author(s): Donita Jose
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