Azole resistance screening for fungi

Agar-based approach to screen for resistant colonies in clinical samples

Agar is suplemented with azole drugs at specific concentrations. Based on presence or absence of growth azole-resistant, colonies can be identified.

Patients may harbor mixed populations of Aspergillus and this device enables to find any resistance. It does not require specific training.

  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Microbial diagnostics
  • Infection prevention
  • Antimicrobial compound/strategy
  • Removal antibiotics/bacteria

  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Yeasts
  • Parasites

  • Other
  • Human
  • Veterinary
  • AgriFood
  • Environmental

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  • Validation
  • Market entry

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        Extension of technology in other domains such as agriculture or veterinary medicine.

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