Step 2 ‘Prescription Challenge’

In developing the serious game ‘Prescription Challenge’, we assume that the prescribing doctor has to make an informed, rational decision regarding the prescription of antibiotics.

The player has to come to a decision on the treatment of the patient. The game will randomly select a patient out of a large and growing patient pool.

The decision process in the game consists of four, consecutive steps:

  1. Taking note of the patients narrative and initial intake and, based on this, to make an initial, preliminary diagnosis
  2. Checking the conclusions by additional testing and confirming which microorganism may be causing the complaints.
  3. Deciding whether or not to prescribe an antibiotic. If an antibiotic is prescribed, to make sure the microorganism is not already resistant to the antibiotic to be selected. The antibiotic can be selected from a fictive medicine cabinet.
  4. Advising the patient on how to use the prescribed antibiotic properly and how to mitigate the overall impact of the infection and the risks for the long term availability of antibiotics.

After making the relevant decisions for a patient the player will receive feedback at different levels.

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