Seminar: Social Media to combat AMR

22/10/2020 - 22/10/2020
Amsterdam; The Netherlands
AMR Insights

Social media such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram have become an integral part of our society. The impact of social media cannot be underestimated. We see that social media can even lead to (un)desired social unrest and regime change.

Interesting messages on social media can go viral. That seems favourable when it comes to messages that contribute to combating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). But who decides that? And how are messages on social media actually received? Are there cultural differences between developed countries and LMICs? And how should we respond to this?

How can we use information about AMR to influence professionals, patients and consumers. Should there be (inter)national governance in this respect? And, if so, how do you then supervise the content of the (forwarded) messages?

The Seminar provides..

The Seminar Social Media to combat AMR allows experts from within and outside Europe to give their opinion on the use of Social Media. We will enter into dialogue with each other and undoubtedly also into discussion. The Seminar starts with an introduction of Antimicrobial resistance as a fast growing, global problem of Health and Food Safety. Afterwards we will discuss the most important solution directions: infection prevention, antibiotic stewardship, better diagnostics, new antimicrobial agents and alternatives such as phage therapy. Together we make how Social Media may be used to inform the involved stakeholders. 

The Seminar is intended for..

The Seminar is intended for professionals who are part of the global fight against AMR: doctors and veterinarians, health managers, policy developers, civil servants, health economists, quality controllers, companies that bring new molecular diagnostics, antibiotics, other antimicrobial agents but also, for example, new health apps on the market.

Details of the Seminar

Date: 22 October, 2020

The costs for the Seminar are € 145 + VAT. 
Costs include coffee/tea, refreshments and networking drinks. 

The Seminar Driving Behavioural Change to combat AMR starts at 13.00 am and ends at 05.00 pm. Networking drinks will be served to 06.00 pm.  

The Seminar takes place at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.
The Royal Tropical Institute is located at the Mauritskade 64
1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The registration will open mid February.  


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