AMR Innovation Mission UK

The AMR Innovation Mission to the UK is scheduled for spring 2021!

Online Kick Off meeting 15 October 2020

Join the Kick Off meeting on 15 October to prepare for the Mission in 2021:
>> Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and opportunities for industry
>> Introduction of the AMR Hotspots in the UK
>> Supporting your business activities in the UK
>> How to respond to the Brexit
>> Company presentations companies UK
>> Company presentations companies EU

Participants (Europe and UK)

Academia, Research Institutes, Start-ups, SMEs, bigger Firms, Regional Development Companies and other interested stakeholders.

Advantages to join the Kick off: 
>> Targeted information AMR business opportunities UK
>> Interactive Q&A session UK business climate
>> Pitch your company: 6 UK & 6 EU participants – first come, first served
>> Inclusion AMR Technologies/Products/Services database
>> Enrollment partnering program for the Mission in 2021

Your benefits:
>> Access to financial arrangements
>> Identification of new private partners in UK / EU
>> Participation in new public-private partnerships
>> Accelerated product development and commercialization
>> Entering new markets

Costs involved:
The total costs involved are € 100 (ex VAT) per person for the Kick off event. 



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