Tuesday 19 November

01:00 pm  Registration desk open; coffee, tea
01:45 pm Welcome & Introduction Symposium: M_VAN_DONGEN
  Dr Maarten van Dongen, AMR Insights, The Netherlands 
02:00 pm  Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): the global perspective: J_VERHOEF
  Prof. Jan Verhoef; World Health Forum, The Netherlands
02:30 pm The Global AMR R&D Hub: dynamic dashboard and ambitions: J_HOOD 
  Dr Jennie Hood; Global AMR R&D Hub, Berlin, Germany
03:00 pm Synergizing global R&D Antimicrobials Databases: interactive plenary session: DATABASE_INTERACTIVE SESSION
  Dr Sarah Paulin; WHO, Dr Jennie Hood; Global AMR R&D Hub, Dr Shawon Lahiri; JPIAMR
Dr James Kirkham; AMR Centre, Dr Maarten van Dongen; AMR Insights, others TBC

03:45 pm

Coffee – tea / Infomarket

04:00 pm R&D antimicrobial Lugdunomycine: strategy to success and further development: G_VAN_WEZEL
  Prof.dr. Gilles van Wezel; Leiden University, The Netherlands
04:30 pm Impact of novel molecular diagnostics on AMR P_SAVELKOUL
  Prof. dr. Paul Savelkoul; Maastricht University Medical Center, The Netherlands
05:00 pm

Network Reception (5-6 pm; with short intro on KIT) 


Symposium Dinner Raadszaal (NB dinner is fully booked; waiting list applies. We apologize for any inconvenience)

07:00 pm  Drinks and networking
07:30 pm  Symposium Dinner: AMBASSADOR PROGRAM
  >> Festive launch WHO Educational app on AMR
  >> Presentation Global AMR Insights Ambassasor Program 
09:00 pm Coffee – Tea – Networking
09:30 pm  End of program 


Wednesday 20 November

08:00 am  Information desk open; coffee, tea
08:45 am

Introduction Parallel Program 


Matchmaking Sessions


Buzz Sessions 

09:00 am Round 1 (15′) 09:00 am Revitalizing neglected antimicrobial compounds
09:20 am Round 2 (15′)   Prof. Jan Verhoef; World Health Forum (NL)
09:40 am Round 3 (15′) 09:40 am Companion Diagnostics contra AMR: T_BACHMANN
10:00 am Round 4 (15′)   Prof. Till Bachmann; Edinburgh Medical School (UK)
10:20 am Round 5 (15′) 10:20 am Towards a global Data Technologies / AMR Hub: P_ALLIBERT
10:40 am Round 6 (15′)   Dr. Patrice Allibert; Allibert MDx Consulting (CAN)
11:00 am 

Coffee – Infomarket

11:30 am  Azole resistant Aspergillus: a forgotten global threat: P_VERWEIJ
  Prof.dr. Paul Verweij; Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
12:00 am  Integrative Medicine: the key to Antimicrobial resistance in primary care? E_VAN_DER_WERF
  Dr. Esther van der Werf; Louis Bolk Institute (NL) / University of Bristol (UK)
12:30 am  Alternative antimicrobials: live biotherapeutics for lung infections: J_MUCHA
  Ms Jeanette Mucha; Scibac Inc, (CA) USA
01:00 pm 

Lunch – Infomarket


 Parallel Program (time slots reserved for Academia, Start-ups & SMEs)


Technology updates
Moderator: Franca Jonquiere, DVM, Utrecht University (NL)

Product updates
Moderator: Dr Phil Packer, Innovate UK

02:00 pm Evaluation of the potency of some antibiotic formulations in the Egyptian Market 02:00 pm

Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Bacterial Lipoprotein Transport against Enterobacteriaceae: E_BREIDENSTEIN

  Afaf El-adl; Kyoto University (JP)   Dr Elena Breidenstein; Summit Therapeutics (UK)
02:20 pm The next  generation of Animal Growth Promoters  (AGPs) free of antibiotics: M_AGUDELO 02:20 pm Developing novel products that prevent serious infections: D_HYNES
  Dr Mauricio Agudelo; Bialtec (Colombia; SA)   Dr Daniel Hynes; Destiny Pharma (UK)  
02:40 pm  Cirrus® D20 to enable health care professionals to rapidly diagnose and effectively treat patients suffering from infectious diseases: G_VAN_DER_VALK 02:40 pm  Massively parallel Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing: S_BAJER
  Dr Gerold de Valk; BiosparQ (NL)   Dr Seweryn Bajer-Borstyn; Scope Fluidics (PL)  
03:00 pm Two-photon excitation technology enables complete solution for decentralized infection diagnostics: J_KOSKINEN 03:00 pm A topical antibody gel directed against pathogenic Staphylococci to treat antibiotic resistant skin infections
  Dr Janne Koskinen; ArcDia International (FI)   Dr Beatrix Foerster; Holiko (NL)
03:20 pm The UK’s Centre of Excellence in AMR: J_KIRKHAM 03:20 pm  The links between antibiotic and disinfectant resistant bacteria
  Dr James Kirkham; AMR Centre (UK)   Dr Andrew Kemp; BICS (UK)  
03:40 pm  Enhancing Antibiotics to Overcome Resistance 03:40 pm A novel Carba Test

Prof. Nathaniel Martin; Leiden University (NL)

  Dr Patrice Allibert; Allibert MDx Consulting (CAN) 

04:00 pm 

Tea – Infomarket

04:30 pm  Forum discussion ‘Driving innovation to combat AMR’: FORUM DISCUSSION
  Forum members (others TBC): 
Kitty van Weezenbeek MD, PhD, MPH; Executive Director KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (NL)
Caroline van Oene MD; Associate Director Hospital Acute Care and Immunology MSD (NL)
Prof Till Bachmann; Deputy Head of Infection Medicine & Personal Chair of Molecular Diagnostics and Infection, Edinburgh Medical School (UK)
Roy Montijn PhD; Director Microbiology and Systems Biology, TNO (NL)

05:15 pm 

Closing remarks

05:30 pm

End of Symposium


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