The Information / Exposition market is situated at the marble hall. 
The hall – also the entrance of the building – lies central to all other meeting rooms. Reception, lunch and cocktail reception will also take place in the marble hall.

The Information / Exposition market provides a unique opportunity to expose your:

  • Banner, booth or consultation table
  • Slideshow on laptop or tablet
  • Reports, flyers and leaflets
  • Diagnostic devices, disposables and other products
  • Laboratory equipment, microscopes and instruments

Exhibition space (2-6 m2) is free format. Exhibition space is available for 8 – 12 organizations and provided on a first-come-first-served basis.
Additional provisions like electricity:

Free registration for one person for the Matchmaking Symposium included. Two or more delegates: register upon ordering exhibition space. 

Dutch organizations: EUR 950 + VAT

Other organizations: EUR 950 (VAT reverse charge or VAT not included)

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