Matchmaking Service EADA 2021

How the matchmaking takes place
Matchmaking is an efficient way to get in touch with partner organisations. All EADA 2021 participants will receive an online overview of participating organisations (and hyperlinks to their technology pages) after the online event on 18 November. On this list they can indicate with which organisations they would like to have an online matchmaking conversation.

On behalf of you we will contact all the organisations you would like to meet. As a next step these organisations have to confirm their interest to meet with you.

This process works in two ways: you will be put in contact with the organisations you want to speak to. And you will be contacted by us with the organisations that would like to speak to you.

This service is limited to the participants of EADA 2021. For them there are no costs involved. 

For more information on the technology pages see here

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