Continuous AMR Partnering Initiative CAPI

The Continuous AMR Partnering Initiative CAPI addresses the high global demand for novel Technologies, Products and Services that contribute to the control of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

CAPI offers suppliers of emerging and existing Technologies, Products and Services the opportunity to bring these to the attention of users, such as Hospitals, Laboratories and Research Institutes, as well as Financiers, Industry (Start-Ups, SMEs, Multinationals), Governments and NGOs. They can select the most relevant Technologies, Products and Services by using the newly developed, dedicated filters. Interested users can directly and without the intervention of AMR Insights contact the supplier.

Suppliers can create one or more Technology pages of their choice. 

The Technology pages contain a clear explanation of Technology, Product or Service and may be illustrated with photos and a video.  In addition to a hyperlink to the website of the supplier, the Technology page contains the supplier’s contact details. 

The proprietary Technology page(s) are visible to everyone worldwide and can easily be shared on social media. 

CAPI is an initiative of AMR Insights and aims to add to the global curbing of AMR. 

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