Launching summit 27 JAN 2022

The launching summit on 27 January 2022 was all about the potential of serious gaming to drive behavioural change in the global fight against AMR. The summit made it clear that AMR is a very serious and globally escalating problem whose severity we have underestimated. New ways of thinking and working are clearly needed to combat AMR and serious gaming is one of these.

It was concluded that serious gaming, apart from local, incidental and temporary applications, does not really break through yet. We insufficiently use the potential of serious gaming in the fight against AMR. The Consortium Serious Gaming AMR is going to change this.

Quotes related to the symposium

“Behavioural change in prescribing antibiotics is an important next step”

“Old ways won’t cut it! we need to change how we think and act”

“The gamified program is a great start towards achieving the goal”

“Focus on Prescription is a major step forward”

“It’s a very good initiative. Together, we can make things happen!”

“Best wishes and my fullest support for this good work which ultimately help for the whole world to save death from AMR”

Launching summit: hand out and recording

Summit Consultation recording

Programme by:
AMR Insights BV; The Netherlands
University of Oxford; UK
University of West London; UK
Mindgame BV; The Netherlands

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