Antimicrobial resistance or AMR is a serious and globally escalating health problem. New ways of thinking and working are needed to curb AMR effectively and serious gaming is one of these.

As a society we insufficiently use the enormous potential of serious gaming in the global fight against AMR. The consortium Serious Gaming AMR aims to change this.

The new Consortium

The new Consortium aims to enhance the use of serious gaming to drive behavourial change:
– to improve antibiotic stewardship in human and veterinary health
– to reinforce other strategies to curb AMR such as prevention and therapy loyalty

The first initiative ‘Focus on Prescription’

Focus on Prescription aims to drive behavioural change to induce the rational prescription and use of antibiotics. The gamified program has applications in human and veterinary health. Focus on Prescription is an initiative by AMR Insights and is developed in collaboration with Amsterdam based company Mindgame. 

What is going on with AMR?
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