ARFC facilitating 50 non-profits!

The Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition (ARFC) enables 50 non-profit organisations to contribute to AMRelay!

Through the generous contribution by the ARFC non-profit organisations such as AMR Centers, Academia, Patient Organisations, Authorities and Individuals/KOLs are exempted from the usual contribution fees.
Please use the coupon code ARFC-AMRelay. We are most grateful to ARFC for its contribution.

About the ARFC

The ARFC aspires to change behaviors across the globe that will maintain the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations by increasing awareness of antimicrobial resistance via education, training, and partnerships. The ARFC is a partner organisation of AMR Insights. 

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The ARFC invites you to become part of its rapidly growing coalition of leaders and stakeholders:

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